Best GPS Tracker: Top Picks & Reviews for Preppers

The best GPS tracker for preparation can help you locate practically anything, anywhere.

In an ever-evolving marketplace full of various brands and models, determining which GPS tracker is the best can be a perplexing task.

As a seasoned prepper myself, I’ve plumbed the depths of this vast selection to bring you concise GPS tracker reviews for preppers.

Here’s the bottom line of our ultimate prepping GPS tracker guide:

  • Satellite Network: Over 3,000 satellites enable GPS tracking worldwide, crucial for locating anything, anywhere for preppers.
  • Durability and Battery Life: Key for preppers choosing GPS trackers; devices must withstand harsh conditions and offer long-lasting power.
  • Top Picks: Spytec GPS GL300 (robust tracking), Apple AirTags and Samsung SmartTags (efficient object location), LoRaWAN trackers (long-range communication).
  • Key Considerations: Compatibility with existing gear, subscription costs, and features like geofencing are essential in selecting a GPS tracker.
  • Balancing Cost and Features: The best GPS tracker for a prepper balances affordability with necessary features, ensuring readiness for any situation.
  • Device Recommendations: For urban settings, Apple Tags; for outdoor activities, Spytec GPS GL300; for Samsung users, Samsung SmartTags; for remote locations, LoRaWAN trackers.
  • Choosing the Right Tracker: Involves assessing gear compatibility, subscription services, and additional features that enhance prepping experiences.

Reddit Weighs In: Durability & Ruggedness Are Top Factors

In the world of prepping, being able to track valuable assets is crucial.

Whether it’s your vehicle, gear, or even loved ones, having a reliable GPS tracker can mean the difference between peace of mind and utter panic.

A recent discussion on Reddit explored this very topic, with preppers sharing their insights and experiences on finding the best GPS trackers.

Objective: Through this case study, we’ll uncover the most recommended GPS trackers for preppers, their features, and how they can be effectively utilized in various scenarios.

Background Information

Context: The discussion took place on the r/preppers subreddit, a community dedicated to discussing preparedness for emergencies and self-reliance.

The original post asked for recommendations on good quality GPS trackers that could be hidden in vehicles, specifically for classic cars.

Community Profile: The r/preppers subreddit attracts individuals who are passionate about being prepared for various situations, from natural disasters to societal upheaval.

With their focus on self-sufficiency and risk mitigation, their input on GPS trackers carries significant weight.

Analysis of Discussion

This graph illustrates the factors considered important when choosing a GPS device for outdoor activities, based on the discussion trends observed in the Reddit thread. Durability and ruggedness rank highest, indicating that users value devices that can withstand harsh environments. Simplicity and ease of use are also highly valued, showing a preference for user-friendly devices. Battery life, cost-effectiveness, the ability to use the device without cell reception, and the importance of learning traditional navigation skills like map and compass use follow in importance. This visual representation helps to quickly understand the priorities of users looking for basic, reliable GPS devices for outdoor exploration.
This graph now presents the “Top GPS Trackers for Preppers,” ordered from those with the least mentions to those with the most. The visualization makes it clear that Garmin eTrex is the most recommended GPS tracker for preppers, highlighting its popularity and perceived utility in preparedness communities. Apple Tags also show strong support, followed by smartphone apps like Gaia GPS and Avenza Maps. The graph provides a straightforward overview of preferred GPS and tracking technologies among preppers, ranging from traditional devices to modern tracking solutions.

Key Points: The thread highlighted several popular GPS tracker options, including:

  • Spytec GPS GL300: A real-time tracker with a monthly subscription fee, praised for its accuracy and peace of mind.
  • Apple AirTags: Affordable, but reliant on nearby Apple devices for tracking capabilities.
  • Samsung SmartTags: Similar to AirTags, but better suited for areas with more Samsung users.
  • LoRaWAN trackers: Long-range, low-power devices that don’t require a subscription.

Insights: Many preppers emphasized the importance of having a backup power source for GPS trackers, as thieves often target batteries and fuel sources first.

Additionally, the discussion highlighted the need for discretion when hiding trackers to avoid detection.

Personal Stories or Quotes

Contributor Highlights: One user shared a chilling story about their colleague’s car being stolen and tracked all the way to Africa, underscoring the importance of GPS trackers for recovering stolen vehicles.

Differing Views: While some favored subscription-based trackers for real-time tracking, others preferred passive options like AirTags or SmartTags to avoid recurring costs.

Practical Applications

Recommendations: Based on the discussion, the Spytec GPS GL300 emerged as a popular choice for preppers due to its reliability and real-time tracking capabilities. However, AirTags or SmartTags were also recommended as affordable alternatives, especially for short-term tracking needs.

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Implementation Tips: Preppers advised hiding GPS trackers in discrete locations, such as inside frame rails or under seats, to minimize the risk of detection. Additionally, they stressed the importance of testing the tracker’s functionality and ensuring a backup power source is available.


Summary: The Reddit discussion highlighted the importance of having a reliable GPS tracker for preppers, whether for tracking vehicles, gear, or loved ones.

Popular options included subscription-based real-time trackers like the Spytec GPS GL300 and passive devices like AirTags and SmartTags.

Reflection: As a prepper, having a GPS tracker can provide invaluable peace of mind, especially in scenarios where assets or loved ones go missing.

The insights from this discussion underscore the need for thorough research and preparation when selecting and implementing a GPS tracking solution.

Call to Action: Explore the original Reddit thread for more detailed discussions and personal accounts.

Share your own experiences with GPS trackers in the comments below, and let us know which solution you’ve found most effective for your prepping needs.


Understanding the Essential Features of GPS Trackers for Prepping

As we delve deeper into the realm of GPS trackers for preppers, certain key attributes stand out in their utility and suitability.

The ability to compare GPS trackers for prepping bases on these specific features can greatly influence your final choice.

Let’s take a detailed look at what these essential features are.

GPS trackers for prepping features

Durability and Ruggedness for Harsh Conditions

Unless a GPS tracker is robust and durable, it will fail to serve its purpose in times of adversity. Hence, durability in GPS trackers cannot be compromised. It is of utmost importance that the device can withstand harsh conditions, be it extreme temperatures, rough handling, or exposure to water and dust. The level of durability in GPS trackers can significantly vary depending on the make and the brand. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick a GPS tracker designed for resilient performance, even in the toughest conditions.

Battery Life: Planning for the Long Haul

When one is considering must-have GPS trackers for preppers, battery life emerges as a paramount parameter. GPS devices with longer battery life assure reliability, more so in situations where recharging options are scarce or non-existent. The best GPS tracker can offer exceptional battery life, continually providing valuable spatial data over long periods, making them exceptionally useful for preppers.

Real-Time Tracking vs. Intermittent Updates

Another critical aspect for preppers to consider while picking a GPS tracker is the type of tracking updates they need. While some situations call for instant and ongoing location data, hence necessitating real-time tracking capabilities, others may be more amenable to intermittent updates. Balancing this need against the battery consumption and price of the models available can help you make an informed choice.

Which GPS Tracker Is The Best for Different Prepping Scenarios

Choosing the right GPS tracker for prepping can substantially influence the effectiveness and hassle-free flow of your prepping adventure. As a passionate prepper myself, I’ve gained substantial knowledge about the top GPS trackers for prepping and have curated an insight into the suitability of different trackers for diverse scenarios.

For urban settings, where multiple items need tracking against theft or loss in the complex web of city life, the Apple Tags are worthy of attention. The seamless tracking through the Precision Finding feature is an indispensable advantage.

On the flip side, when stepping out into the wild for off-grid undertakings or exploratory outdoor activities, the rugged Spytec GPS GL300 marks high on durability and robustness. Its impressive resistance to weather and capacity for precise tracking make it an excellent choice.

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Samsung users might find a perfect fit with the Samsung SmartTags. The SmartThings network provides a seamless user experience, especially for Samsung ecosystem patrons, assuring easy tracking and integration with other Samsung gadgets.

Prepping often pilots us into remote locations where conventional modes of communication fail. LoRaWAN trackers, with their capacity for long-distance, low-power communication, truly shine in such scenarios. Simplifying connectivity in challenging terrain, these stand as one of my personal top GPS trackers for prepping for remote locations.

So, let’s summarize:

Prepping ScenarioBest FIT GPS Tracker
Urban EnvironmentApple Tags
Outdoor & Off-grid ActivitiesSpytec GPS GL300
Samsung UsersSamsung SmartTags
Remote LocationsLoRaWAN trackers

Undeniably, choosing the right GPS tracker for your specific prepping scenario could mean the difference between seamless navigation or unsolicited hassles. So, make your choice wisely and keep adventuring with confidence!

Analyzing Top Contenders: GPS Tracker Reviews for Preppers

As a prepper, I know how critical it is to equip yourself with the most reliable gear for emergency preparedness. GPS trackers are one such crucial device and understanding their nuances can help make an informed choice. Let’s dive deep as we compare GPS trackers for prepping and investigate some top contenders.

Apple AirTag: Efficient Item Tracking Simplified

First up in our GPS tracker reviews for preppers is the Apple AirTag. It excels at efficient item tracking with the help of its groundbreaking Precision Finding technology. An invaluable tool for maintaining situational awareness, its simple, intuitive interface makes it user-friendly under stressful situations.

Samsung SmartTags

Fellow Samsung users, this one’s for you. Samsung SmartTags provide comparable item tracking to the Apple AirTag, but within the Samsung ecosystem. Connect it to your Galaxy device for seamless location tracking of your valuables during emergencies.

Spytec GPS GL300

A well-rounded pick for personal tracking, the Spytec GPS GL300 showcases robust performance coupled with weather resistance. Whether you’re navigating through the wilderness or an urban jungle, the GL300 won’t let you down.

LoRaWAN trackers

Connectivity in challenging terrains can make or break a survival situation. That’s where LoRaWAN trackers come in. Providing long-range, low-power communication, they fill the gap where conventional trackers don’t quite measure up.

Vyncs: Ultimate Vehicle Monitoring

The Vyncs GPS tracker steps up as a comprehensive vehicle monitoring system. With advanced tracking features and maintenance alerts, it keeps you one step ahead of potential automotive problems. It’s an ideal pick for anyone who considers their vehicle an integral part of their survival plan.

Angel Watch: The All-In-One Guardian for Kids

Child safety is of prime importance during a crisis. The Angel Watch offers reliable monitoring for children, combining GPS tracking with health metrics, communication features, and more.

Medical Guardian Mini: Reliable Senior GPS Tracker

Designed with seniors in mind, the Medical Guardian Mini provides a dependable GPS tracking service. With this device, you can maintain peace of mind knowing you can locate elderly family members in a crisis.

Tractive: Keeping Tabs on Your Pets

Last but not least, let’s not forget our four-legged family members. The Tractive GPS tracker offers superior pet monitoring. Its rugged, waterproof design is well-suited to track your pet’s activity and location, ensuring they are safe and secure during any emergency.

How to Choose the Right GPS Tracker for Your Prepping Needs

Choosing the right GPS tracker for prepping is an essential step in your preparation journey. There are several factors to take into consideration while making this critical decision. The perfect gadget should meld seamlessly with your existing equipment, offer cost-effective subscription services, and provide additional features that serve to enhance your prepping experience. Let’s delve into these aspects.

Assessing the Compatibility with Prepping Equipment

Identifying a GPS tracker that works well with your current gear is vital for an efficient setup. Examine the device’s compatibility with your other gadgets, whether it’s a smartphone, a two-way radio, or an emergency beacon. A tracker that integrates smoothly can drastically streamline your operational flow during precarious situations.

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Comparing Subscription Services and Hidden Costs

When deciding on the best gps tracker for preparation, it’s best to take an in-depth look at not only the device’s upfront cost but also the price of maintaining its operation. Potential hidden fees, such as subscription services or data charges, can add significantly to the overall expenditure. To avoid such financial strains, try to understand each tracker’s pricing model and opt for one that offers the most value for your investment.

Geofencing and Alert Customization Options

GPS trackers with geofencing and custom alerts can be game changers. Geofencing allows you to set predefined boundaries, notifying you if the tracker enters or leaves the designated area. Customizable alerts, on the other hand, provide vital notifications based on your specified conditions. These features increase your level of control over your environment, making them must-have GPS trackers for preppers.


As we draw this ultimate prepping GPS tracker guide to a close, it’s evident that the journey to finding the best GPS tracker for preppers involves careful analysis and finding a balance between cost and the required features. The prevailing notion is that no single tracker will suit every scenario. Instead, each GPS tracker finds its unique place and purpose in a prepper’s toolkit, catering to various needs in different circumstances.

Final Thoughts on Investing in a Reliable GPS for Prepping

Investing in a GPS tracker is not an act of impulse but a thoughtful process for preppers. It’s not about the most expensive or the most high-tech device on the market. It’s about reliable and efficient equipment that serves your specific needs. From the item-level precision offered by Apple AirTags to the comprehensive vehicle monitoring provided by Vyncs, these devices serve their unique purpose.

Finding Balance Between Cost and Features in GPS Trackers

For the frugal prepper, finding a balance between cost and features is of utmost importance. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Attention should be given to the value you get from your investment. Some trackers offer incredible features at a reasonable price. The key is to identify what you need from a GPS tracker and find a device that provides that without breaking your budget.

By taking time to make an informed decision, preppers can ensure they are well-equipped with the necessary technology to maintain location intelligence, secure their safety, and offer peace of mind during unforeseen events. It’s not just about preparing; it’s about preparing smartly.


What are the top picks for the best GPS tracker for preppers?

The top picks for the best GPS tracker for preppers include Spytec GPS GL300, Apple Tags, Samsung SmartTags, and LoRaWAN trackers.

What are the most important features to look for in a GPS tracker for prepping?

Durability, long battery life, and real-time tracking capabilities are essential features to look when choosing the right GPS tracker for prepping.

Which GPS tracker is best for different prepping scenarios?

Apple Tags are recommended for urban environments, Spytec GPS GL300 for outdoor and off-grid activities, Samsung SmartTags for Samsung users, and LoRaWAN trackers for remote prepping locations.

Can you recommend some top contenders in GPS trackers for preppers?

Sure, here are some top contenders: Apple AirTag for item tracking, Samsung SmartTags for Samsung users, Spytec GPS GL300 for personal tracking, LoRaWAN trackers for connectivity in challenging terrain, Vyncs for vehicle monitoring, Angel Watch and Medical Guardian Mini for kids and seniors respectively, and Tractive for pet GPS tracker.

How can I choose the right GPS tracker for my prepping needs?

Firstly, assess the compatibility of the GPS tracker with your existing equipment, then compare subscription services and hidden costs. Check for features like geofencing and customization alerts. Finally, balance the cost and the desired features.

Which GPS tracker is the best?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best GPS tracker depends on your specific needs and the prepping scenario. It is recommended to review different GPS tracker reviews for preppers and make an informed decision.

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